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The following may be cited as reasons for the conclusion of agreements on the prevention of environmental pollution.
(A) It is possible to take elaborate environmental pollution preven-tion measures in response to geographical and social conditions.
(B) Businesses are aware that in locating a factory it is essential to secure the consent of local residents for their smooth corporate perfor-mance.
The conclusion of environmental pollution prevention agreements is as follows:
Environmental pollution prevention agreements concluded from October 1990 to September 1991 2,553
Environmental pollution prevention agreements valid as of September 30, 1991 37,000
Environmental pollution prevention agreements valid on golf links 1,200
The counterparts of the concluded agreements by line of business are shown in Table 14-4-5. By measure for the prevention of environ-mental pollution, they are indicated in Table 14-4-6.
The number of environmental pollution prevention agreements to which residents are parties or witnesses is indicated in Table 14-4-7.

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Increased and uncontrolled human activities like industries, transportation, agriculture, health care, dwelling, and energy generation are some of the causes of environmental pollution. Several industries like textile, steel, paper, sugar, food, petroleum, cement industries, and chemical industries and causes soil or land pollution, air pollution, and water pollution. Conclusion of environmental pollution is that the major cause for the environmental pollution is activities of humans.

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Soil pollution due to various hazardous solids and liquids creates imbalances to soil ecosystems and affects the vegetation and habitats of living organisms. Conclusion of environmental pollution effects is it is a major concern of human and animal health and affects the entire ecosystem.

Another type of pollution is soil pollution which causes cancers including leukaemia etc
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This is the time of implement the steps for environmental Protection.

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Conclusion Based off all the information given, pollution almost seems impossible to stop

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