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10.01.2007 · Best Answer: This is pretty easy. The cell membrane can be the building walls, the cell wall can be the rows of fencing. The nucleus is the warden. The
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It is quite a simple structure and consists of a single wall membrane and enzymes inside it, lysosomes are basically vesicles filled with dissolved digestive enzymes.

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Hi, i need some help with my cell analogy

CELL ANALOGY TO A MALL Cell Wall protects the cell like security protects a mall. The Nucleus runs the cell like a mall manager runs a mall. The ribosomes creates

Need answers in like 2 days max because its a project

This Site Might Help You. RE: I need help with a cell analogy to a mall!? I need more analogies of a mall to an animal or plant cell. So far I have:
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The cell is like a school csimmsclass

A cell is made up of many organelles

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What is the cell analogy of an animal plant of a mall?

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