People said Wole Soyinka and six others were the cause of cultism in our higher institutions, but I disagreed with them. Have you people ever thought of the founder of 'Buccaneers? I will say he caused it. You ask me why? I am ready to explain.

To identify the causes of cultism at Niger Delta University; iii

policy makers and implementers of these policy in understanding the causes of cultism in schools.


educational planners, policy makers and implementers of these policy in understanding the causes of cultism in schools. The study is also to enable them provide sanctions that will help in fighting cultism squarely and destroying the problem caused by it in our institutions of higher learning. The study is also to help improve the educational sector by providing useful information about cultism in order to conquer its effects on the academic performance of students and to build a standard system of education. 1.6 SCOPE OF THE STUDY This study will involve the total population of students in selected tertiary institutions of College of Education Ekiadolor Benin, University of Benin (UNIBEN), and Ambrose Ali

Cultism is the practice to be extremists

The bible says, he that kills by the sword must surely die by the sword, why join something that will make you not have peace of mind? More than one hundred young lives have been lost because of cultism, one of these people could be Nigerian president someday that would have taken Nigeria to a greater height, but ended their lives in a disastrous way, not just that these are young youth, with great ambitions and visions that would have taken their family to a greater height but ended their lives without achieving any of this due to initiation into cult.

the Rivers State Government to investigate the root causes of cultism and armed violence in Rivers
Search for identity, purpose and empowerment are other causes of cultism

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should really look indepth into the causes of cultism in tertiary institutions

Consequences of cultism - Weegy

3.3 Causes of Cultism

Menace of Cultism in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions: ..