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yes i totally think boredom leads to trouble because kids or even grown-ups get bored and they want to do something to not be bored and half the time if they can't find somehting good they get into trouble. i think mostly every kid has gottin into trouble because they where bored. i know i said when i was young i said i was bored when i got introuble and my mom just smiled and started laughing. =]

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OP here is something you can do and totally from left from people but umm.....why don't you give us your opinion on WHY boredom leads to trouble. Just putting it out there you know.

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Boredom is a subject not often addressed, maybe because it is so boring. What can be said about it? More often than not, boredom leads to trouble. As we know from social media, a large number of adolescent communications begin with “I was bored, so I….” Often, what follows is something a parent would prefer not to have happened.

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Conventional wisdom holds that boredom leads to trouble

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“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop” goes the saying. Conventional wisdom holds that boredom leads to trouble. Bored kids start fights, do drugs and look for unhealthy distractions. There’s nothing more dispiriting for a professional than a boring job.

But boredom leads to trouble, even when things are designed to be as perfect as possible

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From a parenting perspective, crafts are a great way to keep teens from being bored. Boredom leads to trouble. And positive entertainment can help occupy your children in a beneficial way (for them).

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