D&D Auction Attributes: Base, Boons and Banes

It’s especially interesting that all three classes are from a similar mold “The Devout” yet their weapons are entirely different, one of grace, one of smashing, one of...cooking? I kid, I REALLY love this as a weapon. Looking at the boons and banes I can’t wait to see what else they do with it. Frankly that is where the real gems of the unveil are. The boons and banes for each of these three convey the creative and entertaining tone CSE is putting into their game. Reminiscent of WAR Online (pours libations) I can’t wait to see how this tone is carried throughout the other classes and woven into the fabric of the game itself. A game so dark, yet with so much light humor. A world of extremes. How fitting.

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within a cult will share the same boons and banes

Boons and Banes of renting the Olympic Stadium

Created by Jack Amiel and Michael Begler, starring Clive Owen and André Holland (with all episodes directed by Steven Soderbergh). A 1900s medical drama that examines racism, cutting-edge (no pun intended) surgery, class divide, and the boons and banes of cocaine and opium as pain management turned addiction. Clive Owen is dazzling, supported by a brilliant ensemble. The characters are unique, the stories – dancing around factual history – are riveting, and the look of 1900s Manhattan exceeds our visual expectations. Soderbergh’s direction is top-notch, with his exemplary camera and editing work in play. So what if is bloody? It’s bloody good.

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The Abbot “For Realm, for Honor, and for Beer!” When I read their catch phrase I assumed it was the Viking class, it turns out (believe it or not) some Arthurians might have a bit of personality! In fact looking at the duel morning stars I can tell this Arthurian has it in spades! They sort of remind me of Jedi that like to drink a lot which happens to be the exact kind of Jedi I would be so naturally I’m liking this concept. Considering that the boons and banes are also alcohol heavy I think I already have an alt lined up. Not to play an Arthurian of course, to play a boozy monk!

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One of the big things in this game are Boons and Banes

So how does that affect Boons and Banes again

Boons and banes are advantages and disadvantages and latch onto an attribute

Shadow trooper has boons and banes

The text discusses the boons and banes that the river brings to the people who live on its banks

The game increases/decreases difficulty with boons and banes