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JGeeks feat. Ricky Flavell - The Best Day I Ever Had
Director, Editor, CamOp :: Shannon Leef
Producer :: Jermaine Leef
Starring :: Duane Wichman-Evans, Shizzi Bowden, Kristi and Keziah Bowden, JGeeks
Song written by :: Jermaine Leef, Ricky Flavell
Mastered by :: Chris Chetland KOG Studio

Thanks to :: The Bowden whanau, the Wichman-Evans whanau, the JGeeks whanau and supporters, Lance Wordsworth


 My best day I ever had was Halloween  because I was the new captain American.

“The best day I ever had was 10,000 pounds,” he said.

One of the best days I ever had was when I went to my best friend’s Skylars house. We got our nails done, afterwards we went swimming at Fairdale pool, last but not least we went to hare house and played on her motor cycle.  

That was the "best day I ever had in a hospital," he wrote.

The best day I ever had was getting to see my father who went to California for work and he had to stay there for 2 weeks and I was excited to see him. He is the best father in the history of the fathers!!

David: You see. Well, I've just discovered that was the best day I ever had in my whole life!
Hello everyone(: Here are the lyrics to Jgeek and the geeks new song "Best Day I Ever Had" Soo Enjoy :)

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Link to musicvideo : The best day I ever had was I got a dog named nacho he is so cute
He is funny to he acts like a cat sometimes and try’s to meow
But all that comes out is a funny bark.
The best day I ever had was Doctor Martin Luther King Jr Day because it was the day Martin stop the war between white and black. He didn’t like to fight he didn’t use bad words when people said it to him that was really hard for him I thank him for that. He is one of the men that did a good deed. That is my best day ever. The best day I ever had was when my dad got home from Arizona.
He was doing a construction job when he got home and I saw him I all most cried.
The best day I ever had was on Christmas because I got a lot of gifts I got outfits and board games. Then I went over my grandmother’s house and ate a big breakfast. The I went over my dad’s moms mom’s house and ate dinner. The best day I ever had was when I went to Holiday world, my church took me and I had fun. First me and my cousin went to the small pool and my sister was just floating on the waves. Then me and my brother and cousin rode the scariest ride there the voyage I was super scared but it was fun. And that
Was the and of my best day
The best day I ever had was when I went to my first football game for playing for the Indiana Colts. I was number 10. Corner Back, Running Back, Quarter Back, and Wide Reviver. I scored 6 Touchdowns and got 2 Interception and 5 Touchdowns. I had the best game ever. About 23 games later we won the championship game I was MVP and we had pizza and Gatorade coach was very happy. I can`t wait until next season in June. I think the best day I ever had at the track was in 1975, at one of Pat Manning's Ontario meets. Riding the XS-1, I entered the "Cafe" class. Run what you brung with a tail light. You could tell I had been working at Triumph. The bike had Triumph bars, BSA Triple oil cooler, Girling shocks, Smiths tach and Dunlop K81s. I was gridded mid-pack in a field of sixty-three, starting in the infield, at the entrance to the front straight. When the one-minute sign went up, I killed the motor. I frantically raised my hand, but either the starter didn't see it, or wasn't going to hold the other sixty two riders. I pushed off and was bump started after the field had left. I remember looking up to see the Specialist 2 RD just bending it into Turn One. Shit, what's that ½ mile, maybe ¾? No sooner had I crossed the start-finish line, I ran out of gas. Petcocks on, gas it.
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Both the Shaevels are feeling fine and looking forward to spending the holidays with their family. "I feel so blessed," Gail said. "I try to make every day the best day I ever had."

The best day I ever had was when I went to my first football game for playing for the Indiana Colts

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But excuse me for getting a jump start and holding my own service 24 hours earlier, to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the last best day I ever had, a day I hardly know about. Because I'd much rather spend 9/10 remembering how he lived. Not reliving how he died.

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The best day I ever had was when I went to Florida for the first time. Me and my family went on a pirate ship and shot each other with water guns. Me and my family had a great time.