My take on the new Behemoth Ride

Wonderland has lost some of its "focus" since the Paramount days (and before the Paramount take over). Each area, like the Medieval Faire and the Grande World Exposition, used to have a much more apparent theme (like Disney's Tomorrowland/Adventureland). These days we have only vestigial nods to their origins (ie, the stuff that's too expensive to tear down).

Some of the rides, strongly themed for Paramount movies (like Top Gun and Tomb Raiders) have also lost their mystique after having been stripped of their trademarks.

The addition of the Behemoth ride, however, is a comforting sign that the current owners are trying to keep up with the Jones and not let the park coast on attendee memories of how nifty the park used to be.

Lines are not oppressive these days. The wooden coasters, always a treat for coast fans, have pretty short wait times (maybe 30 minutes). The signature rides have one hour wait times.

I find the pricing okay. But then I'm not paying for a family of four. Just me.

Food is typically expensive. I've always been able to bring in bottled water, however. It's odd when the on-prem Starbucks is actually the cheapest food concession going.

The only cons, aside from the muted theme this theme park has, is washrooms are hard to find. More obvious water fountains would be good (but then no one is going to spend $5 for a Coke). Food could stand to be a bit cheaper.

Behemoth ride in HD,Canada's Wonderland POV.

Behemoth ride, Canada's Wonderland

Behemoth Ride at Canada's Wonderland

the biggest Roller Coaster in Wonderland BEHEMOTH - roller coaster - INSANE - Wonderland Canada Behemoth Ride at Canada's Wonderland!!!1PV A first ...

Behemoth Ride - Canada's Wonderland (Toronto).MP4

If you've already booked on, you should receive a communication today or we will contact you over the next few days to refund your entry fee in full and in the meantime we will be closing down the SiEntries site. The Behemoth is not over and we hope to announce an entirely new summer sportive next year. We really would value your input and feedback, especially if you did the first Behemoth ride in 2014. Either email us at or send comments via the option at the top of this page.

Behemoth Ride, Canada Wonderland
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Behemoth Ride Photo: Merchandise · Canada's Wonderland

Behemoth ride in HD,Canada's Wonderland POV.

Behemoth ride in HD,Canada's Wonderland POV. - YouTube

Behemoth Ride - Canada's Wonderland (Toronto).MP4

Canada's Wonderland Behemoth ride Gopro Hero Test - YouTube