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3.2 The prices as mentioned by AGRIDENT are based upon the prevailing monetary relations of domestic and foreign exchange rates, labour costs, cost price of electronic products, import duties, taxes and other levies and subsidies and the like at the time of the conclusion of the agreement. Should one of these cost price constituents be increased after the confirmation of order, but before de livery of the product, AGRIDENT will be entitled to pass on those increases to Buyer within reasonable limits.

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Moses died while he was still fighting his enemies. Jesus was put on the Cross. The prophet who beheld and drove the nations asunder, as mentioned by could be, there- fore, none else but Muhammad. His enemies who looked like "everlasting mountains and perpetual hills" with their immense power were completely routed. Later "the tents of Cushan" and the "curtains of the land of Midian," that is, the land of Canaan then under the Roman Caesar, also found their salvation in surrendering to the servants of the Holy Prophet in the time of that Caesar's successors.

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Tin was known to, and utilized by, the ancient Egyptians. There was an extensive international trade in tin that was alloyed with copper to make bronze – the copper of the Bible. Tin was mentioned by Ezekiel as one of the products imported by the Phoenicians from Tarshish (27:12). It appears in the Bible together with the other metals, gold, silver, copper, iron, and lead, for example, in connection with the laws of their purification after being captured as booty (Num. 31:22). Tin is mentioned by Ezekiel as one of the components of the slag obtained by reducing silver from its ore (22:18–22) and by Isaiah: "smelt away your dross as with lye, and remove all your tin" (1:25). No specific tin vessels are mentioned in the Bible.

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Fatima (a.s.), as mentioned by the translator, is a multidimensional personality whose life and trials must be examined, analyzed, and appreciated.

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The issues of her status in the Holy Quran, in the Hadith and among Muslims, the example of a role model and her role as a teacher, write, and an orator. She is the considered the Doyenne of the women of the world, as mentioned by her father (p). The Prophet (p) also narrated that: “Fatima is a part of me…” which further indicates her sanctimony and virtue which we regard very highly.

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