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EJ: Your essay is set up to make an argument against arranged marriages. Such an essay can include an argument about the merits of marriages that are not arranged, but what you probably should not do is give advice directly to your reader. See what happens when you try to revise this paragraph without using the word “you.’

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These are my two main arguments against arranged marriages

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But Vasu, let’s leave aside these practical concerns for a moment and look at this arrangement from a more objective, theoretical level. I hope we can agree on the fact that arranged marriages are a tool in patriarchy and as a feminist, I have a problem with anything that is even vaguely patriarchal. But that does not mean I wish arranged marriages to be abolished. I hope over a period of time, both men and women understand the hidden costs of such patriarchal practices. For example, it really irks me that arranged marriages keep the caste segregation alive. Imagine for a moment, in the USA, if black people were still not allowed to marry white people, do you think we could have had a peaceful country? Do you think the parents of a Brahmin girl would seek a Dalit boy as a groom in an arranged marriage? That does not happen anywhere, because marriages are used to control the self-interests of a community. With the kind of caste and religious intolerance that we have in India, we’d be much better off without using marriage as a tool to restrict resources. These are my two main arguments against arranged marriages.

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When in a arranged marriage situation there is a lower expectation because neither ..

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In conclusion there seems to be arguments for and against arranged marriages.

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now i would like to hear points fro PRO side first then I will pass my argument against pro

coerced) marriage is like "arranged" trade of goods or services.