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Army Regulation 190–51 Military Police Security of Unclassified Army Property (Sensitive and Nonsensitive) Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC.

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Used Yamaha AR 190 for sale in Red Wing, Minnesota, USA

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AR 190–56 The Army Civilian ... AR 190–11 Physical Security of Arms ... The function covered by this checklist is the administration of the DACP/SG Program. AR ...

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Army Regulation 19051 ... substances and other medically sensitive items Physical security during shipments of ... AR 190–13 The Army Physical Security Program.

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History:This UPDATE printing publishes a consolidation of three regulations pertaining to physical security; AR 190-18, AR 190-50, and AR 190-51. Because the structure of the revised text has been reorganized, no attempt has been made to highlight changes from earlier printings. FLW Supplement 1 to AR 190-51 22 July 1997 Security of Unclassified Army Property (Sensitive & Nonsensitive) Proponent: Law Enforcement Command.SUMMARY of CHANGE AR 190–13 The Army Physical Security Program This revision-o Consolidates AR 190-13 and AR 15-15, Department of the Army Physical Security.We are in a Design Charrette for the new Battle Command Training Center (BCTC) here at Ft. Richardson, Alaska. Talking with Physical Security Officer, they are viewing this building as a Risk Level II (pretty much all the buildings here are getting that). Per AR 190-11, it calls for wall construction in secured storage and other sensitive information spaces (we have a Top Secret Work Area -TSWA, but it is not a SCIF space) and was told it needed to be 4" brick over stud or 8" un-reinforced CMU wall construction. Other similar facilities at other posts have used metal stud walls with Lexan backed or Glass Mat (Fiberglass) faced gypsum wall board or metal stud walls with wire mesh under the gypsum board to achieve, as the reg says, "adequate entry delay that meets response time". Unfortunately, our post has never really established a response time for us to use to evaluate. The BCTC Deputy argued that his directives provide a 15 min response time as a guidance. I know the fire departments on post don't like the glass mat faced GWB as it has a higher impact rating than CMU and a longer penetration time as researched by the San Diego County Fire Dept. So the question is, has USACE accepted alternate wall designs in lieu of the brick or block construction? Could you give some information or suggestion by COB on Wednesday 4 Nov so I can inform the design team before we adjorn from the charrette?requirements of AR 190-51, appendix D. Applicability. ... Prepare and provide, to the key control cus-todian, a written access roster designating those.First of all, AR 190-11 is for security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives. It wouldn't establish requirements for a Top Secret Work Area. With that, I'm not sure where the requirement you were quoted is coming from. Information security requirements are established in AR 380-5, except for SCIFs.
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But there is no specific response time or equivalent forced entry resistance in AR 380-5 as far as I've ever been able to find. It just says to respond in time to safeguard the secure area. I'm, not sure where the "adequate entry delay that meets response time" is even coming from for this application, much less the 15 minutes. If it's coming from AR 190-11, as you state, it doesn't apply.

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AR 190-51 Security of Unclassified Army Property (Sensi-

AR 190-51, Security of Unclassified Army Property (Sensitive and Non-Sensitive), 30 sep 93. f. ... The key to mold control is moisture control.

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AR 190-11 Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition and Explosives

Something else came to mind shortly after I hit "save", and I think I know what's driving the requirement. The reference to Risk Level II looks like it may be to AR 190-51, which is for physical security of unclassifed Army property. It doesn't apply here either, although it has a secure storage room standard whose wall construction for Risk Level II is 4-inch brick and stud construction or 8-inch unreinforced CMU. It also allows construction that provides delay equal to or greater than response time.