I'm planning on applying to SCAD in winter/spring of 2011/2012

Hi I'm applying to SCAD but I'm still indecisive on what to study. What career choices do you recommend for someone who loves drawing, photography, and acting. I've also recently started to take an interest in animation. Also, can you clarify on whether the portfolio's presentation need to meet any specific requirements and, do I send it through mail or...? Thank you.

I am applying to SCAD for the MA in Animation program

Im applying to scad and was wondering how much of a scholarship you received for this?

I've considered applying to SCAD, Pratt, CCOA and Parsons

In other news, I am applying to SCAD and it is driving me insane waiting on someone to send in their letter of recommendation because I have done everything and all I have to do is sit on my hands and wait and GUH, sure are taking your sweet time!!

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I cannot find this information anywhere on the website; I plan on applying to SCAD yet I do not know whether my transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc have to be sent physically to SCAD or could I send them electronically? Also, I cannot find the code to which I'm supposed to send my SAT score, and as an international student, is it possible to get a scholarship which fully covers tuition (such as the ones based on academics and achievement)? Do I need to send any financial documents?

Applying to SCAD INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY is made simple with just 2 steps
I'm applying to SCAD and I'm not too sure about my statement of purpose

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I’ve always thought Ali was the epitome of mega cool and I LOVE this feature. Im planning on applying to SCAD this fall and i literally yelped a little with excitement at the mention of it because this is such a dream job. this is such a cool post

Hello, I am thinking of applying to SCAD and am curious about a few things

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Glad to hear you plan on applying to SCAD! The online application is the first step and after you complete it you will be contacted by your SCAD admission adviser who you will mail or email all supporting documents. The SAT code 5631. International applicants are eligible for merit scholarships based on academic and artistic/achievement. Scholarships range from $1500 to full-tuition. Additionally, International applicants need to submit a COF/sponsorship letter, original bank document that is required for us to issue an I-20 application for student visa. I hope this answers your questions. Please feel free to contact admission at scad dot edu if you have any additional questions.

I am currently a Junior in High School and I am considering applying to SCAD.

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