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In 1934, Oxford University published Iqbal’s The Reconstruction of Religious thoughts in Islam, which included the six lectures read at Aligarh, Hyderabad and Madras in 1930. These lectures were based on the role of Islam as a religion and political and as a social reformer in the present age. Iqbal condemns the activities of some Muslim politicians in these lectures that seem as morally and ethically misguided and attached to power. Iqbal describes his fear in this allama iqbal essay that the crowd of Hindu population will diminish the Muslim culture, heritage and political and social values. Moreover secularism will weaken the foundations of Islam and Muslim society. He promoted ideas of Muslim unity, shedding of national differences and Islamic political cooperation in his visits to Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey and Iran. In a dialogue with Dr. B. R Ambekdar, Iqbal said that he wishes to see Indian provinces as independent units under the direct control of British and without central any government. He also feared that the Muslims will have to suffer morally, ethically, religiously, socially, politically and in many other aspects if they continued to live with the Indians in a common state. In 1930 at Allahabad, Iqbal was elected as the President in the United Provinces as well as in 1932 at its session in Lahore.

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