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as i have already stated the disadvantagesm there are also advantages of handphone usage. handphone companies offer a variety of services which are convenient ways of obtaining information. through handphones, we can get information like where and when i could get to watch a certain movie, results for 'four digits' or 4D or even information like where to find the nearest patrol station for cars....

What is the disadvantages of handphone

Advantages and disadvantages of handphone to a student

What the disadvantages of bringing handphone at school?

Amin Class: 4Abraham (Set 4) Teacher: Mrs Loh Tzu Lee Topic : Handphone Suriya: Hello, good morning Amin. Amin: Hi. How are u? Suriya: I’m fine but regretting for what had happened today. Amin: What’s wrong, Suriya. Is there any unexpected thing happened? Suriya: No, it was my handphone which was confiscated by the prefects. Amin: Hahaha…serves you right. Suriya: I’m wondering why handphones are prohibited from school only for the students. Amin: Suriya, as what we are concern, handphones has its own advantages and dis advantages to students. Suriya: The advantages of handphones are more than the disadvantages. Handphones are a mini computer which is important in our daily life. Besides that, handphones are helpful to students in various ways such as in mathematical calculation and many more. Amin: Handphones are not good for students in school because it can distract students attention from lesson taught by teachers. Suriya: A student can contact his parents in case of a emergency and it is a easy way to keep in touch with family members when the students at school. Amin: Some students who are disrespectful to teachers will communicate to their friends or relatives when the teacher is teaching. Some of them even enjoy messaging when the lesson is going on. Suriya: Nevertheless, students who aren’t able to attend the school will get a helping hand from their friends by contacting them by handphone. Amin: Most of the students nowadays have their own website account such as Facebook, Twitter and many more. These students will login their account and will be enjoying in that device. Suriya: Students who are active in website account will update themselves about the entire world issue. These will make them to gain more general knowledge.

what are the advantages of handphone? | Yahoo Answers

Amin: Lastly, handphones sre sensitive issues among students in school. Students whom are affordable and rich will have a handphone for themselves will make some students whom are disaffordable and desperate to start a juvinial crime in their life. Suriya: Oh, that’s hurting people in a way. Now, I understand the disadvantages of handphones rather than the advantages. Amin: Hope, u will satisfy about the incident. Suriya: Ok, thank you Amin. It’s a pleasure to share with uyou my problem. I’m satisfied. Thank you. Amin: Welcome, my friend.

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advantages of bringing handphone at school? | Yahoo Answers

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What the disadvantages of bringing handphone at school

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