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means not moving. It’s an adjective that describes me on most days. I sit with eyes suspended above keyboard, unmoving, becoming rounder. If I continue this way, my shape will resemble the roundish "" that distinguishes from . is a noun. Think of the lovely letterhead that you just ordered. The "e" that appears twice in "letter" might help you remember that you write on .

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Drawing by Chris Piascik One key adjective that describes me is impatient. I am a doer. I have this anxiety, possibly a compulsive disorder about absolutely hating to wait for anything. I have to be accomplishing things, getting things done, making progress...

Awesome Adjectives that Describe Me

Even at 50 years old, I am still my mother's baby (at least in her eyes) I guess that comes with the territory. Anyway, I have had to toell my mother that I am fine, and to ease up. Diabetic isn't the only adjective that describes me. ANyway, perhaps you could suggest a sleep sentry. It measures the tdrop in body temperature and perspiration that accompanies low blood sugar incdiences, before the numbers go too low. It sounds an alarm, that wakes you. I am assuming the concern is going low while asleep. That would give him the independence that he needs and you the comfort knowing there was "someone (i.e. something) watching over him.

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I saw your list of 100 adjectives, and you actually made my day as I was looking for some adjectives that described me for my college application! THANK YOU SO MUCH! And in case you were wondering, I singlehandedly pulled your number of hugs up to 3000 since you have helped me sooooo much!

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Awesome Adjectives That Describe Me

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It's an adjective that describes me on most days