Write a descriptive story about this boy.

Organization vision has been a topic much discussed and written about over the past couple of decades. Yet, confusion still exists regarding what it is and how it is most effectively conveyed. Vision is often confused with the similar constructs of organization mission, philosophy and values, strategy, and goals. This article examines the key differences among these frequently confused constructs and the inherent weaknesses of traditional vision statements to provide the sense of meaning and motivation for organization members. A different concept of organization vision is presented—vision as a descriptive story of the desired future in action. Several examples of such vision stories are presented. A case example is used to illustrate how to develop the vision story and deploy it through-out an organization to gain shared commitment to it.

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Each method is important in the process of properly documenting the crime scene. The notes and reports should be done in a chronological order and should include no opinions, no analysis, or no conclusions. Just the facts!!!! The crime scene investigator or evidence recovery technician should document what he/she sees, not what he/she thinks. The final report should tell a descriptive story. A general description of the crime scene should be given just as the investigator sees it when he/she does the initial walk through of the scene.

Sight words are powerful tools to write a descriptive story

Sight words are powerful tools to write a descriptive story. Use the sense of sight so people can envision or “see” what you are talking about. Use your imagination to help your reader envision being part of your story. Stories may be filled with bright colors, exotic images, minute details, and heart-stopping sunsets. Whatever the case, use sensory words to describe what you want others to see.

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i agree in finding it hard to close up all the loose ends in one final book, but when he said that brisingr had to be split into two books, i really think that somehow he had to of finished everything for the fourth one. i think that a fifth book would be really cool, as well as a prequel so we can have a descriptive story as to how the riders fell. that would be EPIC

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